How it works

When do I pickup and return the rental equipment?

Official pickup times are after 1600hrs on the day before your first rental date and official return times are before 1300hrs on the day after your last rental date. 

For example, if you intend to rent for 1 day on the 2nd of October, your earliest pickup time would be 1600hrs on the 1st of October and the latest return time would be 1300hrs on the 3rd of October. This arrangement applies for rentals on all days, regardless of weekends and public holidays, unless otherwise specified.

We only charge for rental days and not pickup and return days so you will be charged an extra day if you select a timing before 1600hrs and after 1300hrs on the respective pickup and return days. However, we can make flexible arrangements for you but it will be subjective to the availability of us and our equipment. Just message us to clarify so we can help you with making a manual booking!

Pickup Hours: 1600-2300 on the day before your first rental date
Return Hours: 0900-1300 on the day after your last rental date

Do take note that we do not accept walk-ins as we are a home-based service. 

Where do I pickup and return the rental equipment?

You may pickup and return equipment at the void deck of 602 Choa Chu Kang Street 62. Sometimes, we may ask you to self-collect or self-return at our unit instead but we avoid doing this for complicated rentals and new renters.

Do you do delivery?

We only allow deliveries on special circumstances and for trusted renters. Renters will also have to bear the full cost of delivery by GrabExpress or Lalamove.

We will usually advise against this since it is trickier to facilitate equipment checks and expensive anyway.

What are reservation fees and security deposits?

If you are a customer with us on Carousell, you may realize that there are reservation fees and security deposits. Here is a brief explanation;

Reservation Fee: A reservation fee is an amount paid upfront and in advance to confirm the booking of any equipment, thus disallowing other users from booking the same equipment on the same date. Our reservation fees are usually 10% of the total booking cost. Reservation fees are also non-refundable.

Security Deposit: A security deposit is paid via PayNow or PayLah upon collection of our equipment. This is to ensure we have a sum of your money to cover minor repairs and missing parts, if any, once you return our equipment. Security deposits will be returned in full once we have confirmed that there are no issues with the equipment upon return. Our security deposits are usually $150 SGD. Do take note that most damages can cost much more than $150 so please take good care of our equipment! This is also NOT insurance excess. If the damage is more than $150, you will still have to cover the remaining cost and more as stated in our rental agreement.

If you are booking our equipment through this website, please note that the amount you are paying is equivalent to a reservation fee and is subjected to the same conditions above.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently only accept payments by PayNow, PayLah! or by cash. You can only use debit or credit cards to pay for reservation fees on our site.